Rust effect – quick and dirty

So today i want to show you in a short tutorial how i painted some rust effects on my storm eagle flyer. The tutorial is pretty old . I just forgot to release it 
So, heute möchte ich euch ein einem kurzen Tutorial zeigen wie ich ein paar Rosteffekte an dem Storm Eagle gemalt habe.

Schritt 1:
Paint or dab the related part with a dark brown shade. For example Scorched Brown or Calthan Brown.
Malt oder Tupft die bestreffende Stelle deckend mit einem dunklen Braunton. Z.b Scorched Brown oder Calthan Brown.

Schritt 2:
Dab the related spot with a yellow tone like Brown or Iyanden Darksun. Its important to consider that the brush is almost dry like when you’re dry-brush something. So wipe them off carefully on a tissue.
Tupf die betreffende Stelle mit einem Gelbton wie Burbonic Brown oder Iyanden Darksun. Wichtig dabei ist, dass der Pinsel wie beim Trockenbürsten nicht mehr wirklich feucht ist. Streift ihn also gut an einem Tuch ab.

Schritt 3:
Dab the related spot with a orange/red tone like Blazing Orange/Blood Red or Mecharite Red.
Tupft die betreffende stelle mit einem Orange/Rotton wie zum Beispiel Blazing Orange / Blood Red oder Mecharite Red ab.

Schritt 4:
Repeat the dabbing like explained in Step 2. But be careful not to paint too much color to overlay the already painted color.
Wiederholt das tupfen wie unter Schritt 2 beschrieben. Achtet aber dieses mal darauf nicht zuviel der Farbe unter Schritt drei zu überdecken.

Schritt 5:
Paint a little bit brown over the already painted colors. If you want you can surround the rust effect with a little bit brighter tone of the basic color. This makes the eye believe that the rust effect its under the basic color.
Ein paar kurze Tupfer mit den unter Schritt zwei verwendeten Farben und ihr seid fertig. Wenn ihr möchtet könnt ihr den Rosteffekt mit einer etwas helleren Umrandung der Farbe versehen auf dem ihr den Rosteffekt angebracht habt. Das gaukelt dem Auge vor dass sich der Rost unter der Grundfarbe befindet.

The completed effect should like like the following.
Der fertige Effekt sollte ungefähr so aussehen.

How to build the bases for my tyranids

I finally managed to write down the recipe for my bases. Most of the colors i use are Vallejo colors. The washes used are from games workshop.  The pigments are from Secret weapon miniatures.

At the beginning i normally apply the base color for the rock and the sand. Next i spray the sandy areas. After that i apply the washes to sand and rocks. The last painting steps are dry brushing  the rocks and the sand. Last is applying the pigments and the vegetation

Color list:

  • Dwarf skin
  • Heavy Siena
  • Abbadon Black
  • Cadmium skin
  • Pale flesh
  • Bonewhite
  • Ivory White
  • Dead white
  • Charadon granite
  • Heavy Bluegrey
  • Grey green
  • Flat earth
  • Yellow oliv


  • Aghrax earthshade
  • Ahtonian camoshade
  • Nuln Oil


  • Clay Brown
  • Dark Earth
  • How to build the base.
    • Create the rocks with different layers of cork.
    • Apply a mix of wood glue and sand to the other areas
  • Water area
    • “Dwarf skin” over the area.
    • 2/1 mix of „Heavy Siena“ / „Abbadon Black“ to the lower parts.
    • „Heavy siena“ on the raised areas.
    • Then apply a 50/50 mix of “Aghrax earthshade” / “Ahtonian camoshade” to the “shore” areas.
  • Sandy areas
    • Starting with„Dwarf Skin“, then „Cadmium skin” and then „Pale flesh“ mixed in some „Bonewhite“ on top. A little bit of “Aghrax Earthshade” into the recesses and “Athonian camoshade” on the sandy areas.
    • Dry brush with “Ivory White” and ” Dead white”.
  • Stone
    • Base coat with 3/1 “Charadon granite” / “Chaos Black”.
    • Apply a generous wash of „Nuln Oil“ over the rocks.
    • Drybrush with a 50/50 „Charadon granite“ /„Heavy Bluegrey“.
    • Now dry brush with „Heavy Bluegrey“.
  • Pigments
    • Apply a mix Secret Weapon Pigment „Clay Brown“ and „Dark Earth“.
  • Replacement for “Charadon granite”
    • Because the colour is no longer available i experimented a little bit ( actually a lot ) and came up which a mix of colors which are almost like the old “Charadon granite”.
    • Mix 1/2/1 with „Grey green“ , „Flat earth“, and „Yellow oliv“.


Finished Kairos Fateweaver 

When I decided to extend the planned thousand sons army with some demons I was absolutely sure that I wanted to paint this model. Not that the old model looks bad but his one just soooo much better. Another really great model games workshop released.

When I started painting the wings and the skin everything went pretty fast. But from that point, everything went pretty slow. The model has so many small details on it which really slowed down the painting. In the end, it took me almost two months to finish the model.

Thanks for reading and you I hope you enjoy the pictures! For WIP updates follow me on twitter or for finished models go to my instagram account!

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Hobby desk update Kw 09

Today i want to share some pictures of my hobby progress this week. I probably will do this on a regular basis but we will see what the future brings.

My twitter followers know that its again tyranid time. This time its another trygon model. I simply love the kit. It was the first model i painted for my tyranid army. The goal is to be able to field the Subterranean swarm formation. I know its not the most effective tyranid formation but I really like all of the models it contains very much.

So what did we achieve this week ? I was able to finish the first layer of the carapace last week so it was time to get some progress on the second layer. I should be able to finish this layer on Monday so i can apply the wash and the last layer next week.

Thanks for reading and you I hope you enjoyed the pictures ! For wip updates follow me on twitter or for finished models go to my instagram account!

Finished the Cerastus Knight Acheron 

Today I want to share some pictures of my cerastus knight acheron. I finished my cerastus knight acheron about a week ago. I really enjoyed painting it.

Regarding the base i imagined the knight walking through the city while searching for enemies. I also wanted to display the knight in a walking animation and not standing with both feet on the ground. This basically means i had only one feet to handle all the weight.  To achieve this i drilled a hole through the feet up to the top of the lower leg and added a pin. So far its holding the weight but you still need to be careful when moving the knight around.
The building itself is mostly made of thermal isolation you should be able to buy in a hardware store. Its easy to cut and does not crumble. Not sure if you can base coat it with a spray can because i just used a dark grey of my normal water based colors to do that. But i would assume its like polystyrene so you better don’t do it. The street surrounding the base is made out of also would mounted on a plastic card.

Hope you enjoy the pictures ! For wip updates follow me on twitter or for finished models go to my instagram account!

Zoanthrope’s and Venomthrope finished

Today i want to share some pictures of my finished two Zoanthrope’s and one Venomthrope finished. I finished him quite a while ago but haven’t published the pictures on the blog yet.

Hope you enjoy the pictures . For wip updates follow me on twitter or for finished models go to my instagram account!

img_4235 img_4237 img_4234 img_4233

Patriarch Ghosar

Today i want to share some pictures of my finished Patriarch Ghosar. I finished him quite a while ago but haven’t shared pictures on the blog yet.

Hope you enjoy the pictures . For wip updates follow me on twitter or for finished models go to my instagram account!

Patriarch Ghosar

Patriarch GhosarPatriarch Ghosar
Patriarch Ghosar