Finished my second Trygon

Almost a week has passed since I finished my second trygon. You can see some pictures of the first one here.

I simply love this kit. It has anything for me which I like about tyranids. Simply a great kit. I wanted to do a tutorial while painting it but I did not enough pictures to document that properly so I most likely post the painting recipe soon.

Thanks for reading and you I hope you enjoyed the pictures ! For wip updates follow me on twitter or for finished models go to my instagram account!

7 comments on “Finished my second Trygon

  1. Ann says:

    Those are some fine looking burrowers o’ doom! I hope someday, when I dig out all of the Nids still waiting in hiberation on their sprues that I will be able to come up with something almost as nice as this!

    • Wolfsherz says:

      Thank you ! Have you already started with your nids or still in planning phase ?

      • Ann says:

        I have had a bunch of Nids sitting around for years. I’ve test painted a few term’s but didn’t like how any of them turned out.

        Mostly these days I’ve been alternating between painting Orks, Space Wolves, and Daemons. I thought I might start adding some Nids into the rotation though, since I already own them and have been trying to concentrate, for the most part, more on models I already own than on making new purchases.

  2. Ann says:

    Also, I’d love to see the painting receipe you mentioned posting!

  3. Joe B. says:

    Beautiful work on it. I really like the contrast you build up on the scales.

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