Finished Avenger Strike Figher from Forgeworld

Today i want to share some pictures of my finished Avenger Strike Fighter from Forgeworld.
I actually discovered that i never posted any picture of my small imperial guard forge on the blog so this post will be there debut here !
Overall it was a fun model to paint ! To build the flyer was ok for a forgeworld model but i strongly suggest to pin the wings because otherwise they will fall off quite often.

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Mawloc finished 

Today i want to share some pictures of my recently finished mawloc. Hope you enjoy them . For wip updates follow me on twitter or for more finished models go to my instagram account!


The Curse of the wulfen – early impressions of the second chapter

Yesterday I wrote about my impressions which were basically about the first chapter of the book. I just read the second one and these are my thoughts about it.

The following text contains spoilers. Do not continue if you want to read it by yourself !!

Consider yourself as warned !

Last warning !



The chapter starts with the grey knights getting notice of the chaos warp storms in the area and they decide to sent a task force to the area. The first contact of the Knights with the actions only reveal a left behind body damaged beyond recognition and a sign of the space wolves on the armor. Stern which is the leader of the force decides to go after the great wolf to have a sincere word with him.

The next scene is about the clash of wolves and and dark angels on the world of tranquilitus. Even though both chapters do not shoot on each both sides do not hold back anything in the race to be the first who finds the wulfen. The dark angels actually find them first, trap them and then the wolves arrive. They exchange some rather unfriendly words and then they are attacked by demons. The wolves basically use the distraction to leave the planet with the wulfen leaving the dark angels behind them on the planets surface fighting the demons.

This is basically the first scene which is rather controversial. Did the wolves betrayed the dark angels when they left them behind ?

I don’t think so. The dark angels could not expect a second force on the planet. So they where responsible to bring everything to that mission which was needed to accomplish it.Secondly the motives of the dark angels where not that heroic in my opinion.They saw a chance to blame the wolves and where angry they lost. And thirdly, they jealously take care that no one have to much insight into stuff what they consider as „Their Business“. They should do the same with topics that the wolves consider as „Their Business“.


The next scene is between Brother Captain Stern and his Grey Knights and Logan Grimnar and his Champions of Fenris. Both sides finally meet each other after intensive combat against demons in a hall and have a chat. Stern accuses the space wolves of harbouring mutants, leaving war zones at great cost of the imperium and finally being cowards. Grimnar warns the brother-caption not to to cross the red line. Stern says that the wulfen are tainted by the chaos and should therefore handed over to the Grey Knights. Grimnar refuses the demand because the wulfen are kin and therefore could not handed over. Stern philosophizes about the possibility to take them by force and about the great number of casualties this would cost. Grimnar laughs at Stern and tells him the wolves would not take that many casualties. Stern then tells the space wolves that their home system have been hit by a invasion. After the wolves checked the information both sides agree to postpone the decision about the wulfen until the immediate thread, the chaos invasion, is solved.

I got the impression while reading that logan believes that the grey knights would take good care of the wulfen, but toher institutions like the inquisition possibly not. The talking about to take the wulfen by force is in my opinion totally unnecessary at this point. Stern should know that he has not the military power to fight against the wolves so there’s really no need to say something like this.


So both sides start their journey to a rally point in a nearby system where they meet some other space wolves great companies. Soon they discover that this much wulfen at one point seems to cause anger and violence among the space wolves crews.This is basically the point when the wolves realize that their brothers could also be a curse to the wolves.

Well, which option do the wolves have at this point ? In my opinion not too many. They could now hand over the wulfen to the grey knights or continue. Its now obviously that the wulfen can cause problems. But is that really enough to hand them over ? Probably not.

So, thats it for today. Until next time and

thanks for reading !

The Curse of the wulfen – very early first impressions

I now own the „ Curse of the wulfen“ for about three hours. Not enough time to actually review the book, but to write down some very early thoughts about what i have read and seen so far.

If you consider buying the book this is your first and last warning. The following sentences will include spoilers. So consider yourself warned.

Ok, obviously you’re still reading.

The first difference i noticed is the change of art style as i browsed through the book. The overall style is much cleaner and the colour is more vibrant as in the old one. It looks more cartoonic and less dark. I like the old style, but i’m ok with the new one.

The story as i have read it so far is entertaining and thrilling. You get introduced to the ancient old conflict between the thousand sons and the space wolves , the 13th company and the second conflict zone with chaos and imperials .

The book tells you how Harald Deathwolf makes first contact with the wulfen and how they get integrated within the ranks of the space wolves .

Some reviews i read actually complained about that the space wolves not beeing not skeptical enough about the wulfen and that they welcomed them to quick despite the consequences this action might have.

And i actually disagree with this statement. Harald Deathwulf actually utters more than one time his doubts about the true nature of the wulfen. At the gathering of the wolf lords the opinions about them range from „Russ is coming“ over „lets welcome them until the show hostile“ to „lets use them as potent mass destruction weapon“. So the leaders of the wolves are in my opinion more than aware about the possible danger the wulfen could be.

The only critique i have with this scene is actually why everyone wants to talk to Björn. Ok he’s a ancient old cybot but its not that clear so far why he actually could add anything new to the amount of information . Maybe it will get clearer when i progress through the book. The other strange statement is Urik saying that the arrive of the wulfen states that russ is coming. As the other lords demand proves he cannot prove it. I can understand that this is just a statement of hope , but its a little bit…naive for a person like Ulrik. In the end Logan says that they will welcome the wulfen and consider them as the lost brothers. For now.

In the subsequent chapters the wolves spread around the surrounding space system to gather the wulfen. They concentrate on the warp storms which cause havoc throughout them. Theres also a short passage which describes how the Dark Angels got first information about the wulfen.

So far, so good. I like it. Despite in my opinion minor flaws its a entertaining book so far. Stay tuned until i can tell more about it. Also be aware that my opinions about what i read so far can change when i  progress through the book. All subject to change🙂

Review: Triple Tube Pro Task Lamp

My former setup consisted of two FORSÅ lamps with daylight bulbs. I positioned them before and behind me on the right and left side. It was a good solution so far, but theres always room for improvement, right ? What was probably bothering me most was that i had good lightning from every direction except from above. So i decided to change that situation. As the headline foreshadows i decided after some research in favor for a  „Triple Tube Pro Task Lamp“ from Lightcraft.

First impressions

My impression as I opened the packet was good. Everything was securely stored and packaged. Which in my case was more than necessary because my parcel service wasn’t that careful with the package. Actually the styrofoam was broken in multiple occasions. 



Technical specifications 

  • Fluorescent tube 3 x 14 W.
  • Kelvin 6400 k.
  • lamp head length 61 cm.
  • lamp head depth  11 cm.
  •  lamp head height 6 cm.
  • Overall weight about  3,45 kg (including package ).


Everything looks well done and well processed. I discovered no sharp edges so far. The lamp itself has three joints and two arm elements. Everything moves smoothly and well. The power cable is mounted alongside the arms and is in no danger of getting clamped in the joints.

You can move the lamp head for about 80 cm horizontally from the lamp mounting. You can move the lamp head in almost any desirable direction. Even more the 90 degrees from the vertical is possible. The lamp heads keeps in the place where you put it. No unwanted movement of the lamp head. ( at least after a week of use ) . The power button is mounted on the lamp head and is easy reachable.



It’s really great ! I love it !! Ok, hmm. Lets try to be a little bit more objective ! I think the main difference to my former setup is that the overall lightning is now much better than before. Down below you can imagine the difference. The left picture is as you can guess the state before. The right after i installed the lamp. When i made the picture it was not fully dark outside. If its dark the difference is much more noticeable than before.  The advantage when the light head is actually mounted above you is that there is nothing in between the model and the lamp.

IMG_0393 IMG_0392


i haven’t had issues with the lamp heat so far. Even after hours of use the lamp body is only warm. Even below the lamp the heat is barely noticeable. Because of the grid it’s also not possible to burn oneself. 


On the first look this category seems a little bit strange, but the lamp actually emits a little bit of noise. Because we have an aquarium and its lighten by a 400 W HQI lamp that’s not a real problem for me, because the HQI actually emits a louder noise to which you need some time to get used to it. But despite the HQI if there is a TV or PC nearby you will not hear the hum at all .

Additional resources

If you’re looking for a another good review I suggest reading the one at feedyournerd. He also made a lot more pictures than me especially from the mechanical parts of the lamp. I highly recommend reading his review too !

A list of reviews of various other lamps can also be found on feedyournerd

Hope you enjoyed reading the review and it was helpful for your decision process.

Trygon prime finished

Today I have for you some picture of my recently ( actually some weeks ago ) finished trygon prime. He hopefully will be the first of a small 1000 points tyranid army.

Hope you enjoy the pictures !