The house of flying brushes

I constantly try to improve and making the most out of my workplace. I own a lot of brushes so i needed to find a possibility to store them properly. Having a shelf with hooks got me to the idea that i could probable store more in these unused space underneath it. So i cut some styrodur and pressed it in between the front and the back of the shelf. I attached some toothpicks to the end of the brush and pushed them into the styrodur. You can see how it looked in the picture below.

And it worked for a while ! The major drawback of the idea was basically the toothpick. It often broke if you where not carefully when sticking the brush into the styrodur. A while later i posted the picture of my workspace on twitter and someone mentioned it would be cool to store them with magnets.

Im not sure if the person was sincere with his suggestions but the seed was planted. When i built my cerastus knight acheron i ran out of magnets so i needed to buy some more. I found the magnetic sheeting more by accident but i started to wonder if this couldn’t´t be the possibility to solve the drawbacks of my current solution. So i bought the following stuff.

  • magnetic sheeting, A4, self-adhesive, one mm strong with a  pull of 75 g per square centimeter.
  • A lot of small magnets, N52 , size 3x2mm

i cut the magnetic sheeting into the size i wanted and attached it to the front of my shelf. Then i rasped the end of the brushed until i got a surface roughly the size of the magnets. I then glued a small amount of green stuff  to the end and then pushed the magnets into it. With the left over green stuff i wrapped the magnets. I waited a small amount of time and then attached everything to the magnetic sheeting. I did this because the rasped surface wasn’t complete in the right angle and with the green stuff the gravity would ensure everything was right.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures ! For wip updates follow me on twitter or for finished models go to my instagram account!

How to paint tank tracks

Due to the demand of @resinjunkie theres a short tutorial how i did the tank tracks on my sicaran battle tank.

Colors you will need:

  • Chaos Black
  • Leadbelcher
  • Mithril Silver (old) or Runefang Steel (new)
  • Nuln Oil (wash)
  • Vermin Brown (old) or Skrag Brown (new)

Everything was applied on a white basecoat but if you use black it just will come out a little bit darker. Everything was applied with an airbrush except for the wash.

1) Basecoat with “Leadbelcher”.
2) Generous coat with “Nuln Oil”. Be sure that the wash dried. Nothing is more annoying than mess up everything because its still liquid.
3) Sprayed a 50/50 mix of “Chaos Black”/”Leadbelcher” at the center of each chain element.
4) Carefull drybrush on the knuckle points and the edges of the chain element.
5) The last step is a heavily thinned down coat with “Vermin Brown”. Be a little conservative with the first coat. You can always apply more if you think its too less. Basically you can use whatever color you want to simulate the dirt.