Recommended guides for tyranids

Today i wanted to share some guides which really helped me to figure out how i want to paint my tyranids.

The first guide was written by joe from the brokenpaintbrush blog which i really recommend to follow ! The guide really helped me to figure out how i wanted to paint the base and which materials i want to use. Im sure even when his bases are more swamp like and mine are more dessert themed you can see some similarities between them.

The next guide is from the necrotales website. The guide shows step by step how you can paint nice looking tyranids and each step is explained by pictures. Even though the site seems to be no longer maintained its still a great article !

The last guide is from the figurepainters website. The guide explains in detail how to paint the skin and gives some examples how to do the carapace parts.

Thanks for reading and you i hope you will find the guides  as useful as i did ! For wip updates  on my painting follow me on twitter or for finished models go to my instagram account!