Finished Ahriman

Actually, I finished Ahriman almost three weeks ago but totally forgot to post some pictures of him on the blog.  I like the new pose of the model a lot more than the old one. It’s much more dynamic. Even Ahriman already came with a larger base I nevertheless decided to put him on a much bigger base. Especially when on its disc it looks, in my opinion, better than the original one. The base is one of the ancestral ruins range from tabletop-art .

Thanks for reading and you I hope you enjoy the pictures! For WIP updates follow me on twitter or for finished models go to my instagram account!

8 comments on “Finished Ahriman

  1. Thor says:

    Awesome work. I really like how the cape came out.

  2. Thor says:

    I think my previous comment got marked as spam or something…

    Anyway, great work. I love how the cape came out, and good choice of color there.

    • Wolfsherz says:

      Thank you! I needed some time to figure out how I wanted to paint the cape. I considered multiple options but wasn´t so sure about any of them. So I kind of chose the safe choice. You almost can’t go wrong with a colour transition from black to something. It does not look amazing but not bad either.

    • Wolfsherz says:

      And I found your first comment in the spam folder. Not sure why it was moved there and why I didn´t saw it. Sorry !

  3. roxor111 says:

    Gefällt mir.

    Auch interessant zu sehen, wie sich Dein Bemalskill über die Jahre entwickelt/verbessert hat.

    • Wolfsherz says:

      Danke !
      Wenn ich mich so an die letzen Jahre denke hat sich für mich als Maler sicherlich einiges entwickelt. Ich habe relativ viel Geld in neue Farben, Licht und Pinsel gesteckt, was sicherlich geholfen hat 🙂

  4. Joe B. says:

    Excellent work on him, both sets of robes are very well done. I was thrown off by the as I was like ‘wait where did that disk come from!’ 😀

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