How to build the bases for my tyranids

I finally managed to write down the recipe for my bases. Most of the colors i use are Vallejo colors. The washes used are from games workshop.  The pigments are from Secret weapon miniatures.

At the beginning i normally apply the base color for the rock and the sand. Next i spray the sandy areas. After that i apply the washes to sand and rocks. The last painting steps are dry brushing  the rocks and the sand. Last is applying the pigments and the vegetation

Color list:

  • Dwarf skin
  • Heavy Siena
  • Abbadon Black
  • Cadmium skin
  • Pale flesh
  • Bonewhite
  • Ivory White
  • Dead white
  • Charadon granite
  • Heavy Bluegrey
  • Grey green
  • Flat earth
  • Yellow oliv


  • Aghrax earthshade
  • Ahtonian camoshade
  • Nuln Oil


  • Clay Brown
  • Dark Earth
  • How to build the base.
    • Create the rocks with different layers of cork.
    • Apply a mix of wood glue and sand to the other areas
  • Water area
    • “Dwarf skin” over the area.
    • 2/1 mix of „Heavy Siena“ / „Abbadon Black“ to the lower parts.
    • „Heavy siena“ on the raised areas.
    • Then apply a 50/50 mix of “Aghrax earthshade” / “Ahtonian camoshade” to the “shore” areas.
  • Sandy areas
    • Starting with„Dwarf Skin“, then „Cadmium skin” and then „Pale flesh“ mixed in some „Bonewhite“ on top. A little bit of “Aghrax Earthshade” into the recesses and “Athonian camoshade” on the sandy areas.
    • Dry brush with “Ivory White” and ” Dead white”.
  • Stone
    • Base coat with 3/1 “Charadon granite” / “Chaos Black”.
    • Apply a generous wash of „Nuln Oil“ over the rocks.
    • Drybrush with a 50/50 „Charadon granite“ /„Heavy Bluegrey“.
    • Now dry brush with „Heavy Bluegrey“.
  • Pigments
    • Apply a mix Secret Weapon Pigment „Clay Brown“ and „Dark Earth“.
  • Replacement for “Charadon granite”
    • Because the colour is no longer available i experimented a little bit ( actually a lot ) and came up which a mix of colors which are almost like the old “Charadon granite”.
    • Mix 1/2/1 with „Grey green“ , „Flat earth“, and „Yellow oliv“.


Finished Kairos Fateweaver 

When I decided to extend the planned thousand sons army with some demons I was absolutely sure that I wanted to paint this model. Not that the old model looks bad but his one just soooo much better. Another really great model games workshop released.

When I started painting the wings and the skin everything went pretty fast. But from that point, everything went pretty slow. The model has so many small details on it which really slowed down the painting. In the end, it took me almost two months to finish the model.

Thanks for reading and you I hope you enjoy the pictures! For WIP updates follow me on twitter or for finished models go to my instagram account!

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Hobby desk update KW 13

Last week was much better in regards to my painting time. I made good progress on ahriman. I should be able to finish him this week to start with my next model, Kairos Fateweaver. Really looking forward to start painting him.

Thanks for reading and you I hope you enjoyed the pictures ! For wip updates follow me on twitter or for finished models go to my instagram account!

Hobby desk update Kw 09

Today i want to share some pictures of my hobby progress this week. I probably will do this on a regular basis but we will see what the future brings.

My twitter followers know that its again tyranid time. This time its another trygon model. I simply love the kit. It was the first model i painted for my tyranid army. The goal is to be able to field the Subterranean swarm formation. I know its not the most effective tyranid formation but I really like all of the models it contains very much.

So what did we achieve this week ? I was able to finish the first layer of the carapace last week so it was time to get some progress on the second layer. I should be able to finish this layer on Monday so i can apply the wash and the last layer next week.

Thanks for reading and you I hope you enjoyed the pictures ! For wip updates follow me on twitter or for finished models go to my instagram account!

Recommended guides for tyranids

Today i wanted to share some guides which really helped me to figure out how i want to paint my tyranids.

The first guide was written by joe from the brokenpaintbrush blog which i really recommend to follow ! The guide really helped me to figure out how i wanted to paint the base and which materials i want to use. Im sure even when his bases are more swamp like and mine are more dessert themed you can see some similarities between them.

The next guide is from the necrotales website. The guide shows step by step how you can paint nice looking tyranids and each step is explained by pictures. Even though the site seems to be no longer maintained its still a great article !

The last guide is from the figurepainters website. The guide explains in detail how to paint the skin and gives some examples how to do the carapace parts.

Thanks for reading and you i hope you will find the guides  as useful as i did ! For wip updates  on my painting follow me on twitter or for finished models go to my instagram account!




Finished three Thousand Sons exalted sorcerers finished 

It may sound strange for a player which owns a lot of space wolves but since i play i wanted to have a thousand sons army. I actually don’t know why i never bought one. Probably there where other stuff which was more important at that time i don’t know.
As Games workshop released the thousand sons again i instantly felt in love with some of the models. So i decided to finish the stuff i bought from forgeworld during our summer holidays and then decide if i still want to paint some of them . So i finished everything , still thought they look cool and then bought these three thousand sons sorcerers. Lovely miniatures if you ask me !

When it comes to painting i have the worse habit that i normally can’t paint stuff the way everything else does.  I also wasn’t so amazed by the paint scheme gw chose because i think the gold is too dominant and overused. So when i painted the Cerastus Knight Acheron i used the chance to try out a idea i had how to paint mine. And it really helped. But still the first sorcerer i painted was really hard to paint for me. I probably painted the crown of the head three times trying out different combinations of colors. It was surprisingly hard to me to figure out what color i wanted to paint each piece.  Some people use color theories to figure out their colors, and i use it from time to time to, but for me its more about the feeling i have when choosing colors. Some choices just feel right for me.  So i needed a long time to get the first sorcerer painted. Some times i was really frustrated because i couldn’t figure out how i wanted him to look. In the end it was IMO definitely worth the effort.  Im also a little bit proud about it because i think i was able to push my limit of what im able to paint a little bit higher than before.  I love my space wolves and they’re not painted bad but the sons just look better.

Thanks for reading and you i hope you enjoy the pictures ! For wip updates follow me on twitter or for finished models go to my instagram account!

Introducing my hive tyrant

Today i want to share some pictures of my  hive tyrant. I finished the model more than a year ago but haven’t uploaded any good pictures to the blog so far.

Hope you enjoy the pictures ! For wip updates follow me on twitter or for finished models go to my instagram account!




Finished the Exocrine

Today i want to share some pictures of my Exocrine. I finished it quite a while ago but haven’t shared pictures of it on the blog.

Hope you enjoy the pictures . For wip updates follow me on twitter or for finished models go to my instagram account!

tyranid_exocrine tyranid_exocrine_2 tyranid_exocrine_3

Zoanthrope’s and Venomthrope finished

Today i want to share some pictures of my finished two Zoanthrope’s and one Venomthrope finished. I finished him quite a while ago but haven’t published the pictures on the blog yet.

Hope you enjoy the pictures . For wip updates follow me on twitter or for finished models go to my instagram account!

img_4235 img_4237 img_4234 img_4233

Patriarch Ghosar

Today i want to share some pictures of my finished Patriarch Ghosar. I finished him quite a while ago but haven’t shared pictures on the blog yet.

Hope you enjoy the pictures . For wip updates follow me on twitter or for finished models go to my instagram account!

Patriarch Ghosar

Patriarch GhosarPatriarch Ghosar
Patriarch Ghosar

The Curse of the wulfen – early impressions of the second chapter

Yesterday I wrote about my impressions which were basically about the first chapter of the book. I just read the second one and these are my thoughts about it.

The following text contains spoilers. Do not continue if you want to read it by yourself !!

Consider yourself as warned !

Last warning !



The chapter starts with the grey knights getting notice of the chaos warp storms in the area and they decide to sent a task force to the area. The first contact of the Knights with the actions only reveal a left behind body damaged beyond recognition and a sign of the space wolves on the armor. Stern which is the leader of the force decides to go after the great wolf to have a sincere word with him.

The next scene is about the clash of wolves and and dark angels on the world of tranquilitus. Even though both chapters do not shoot on each both sides do not hold back anything in the race to be the first who finds the wulfen. The dark angels actually find them first, trap them and then the wolves arrive. They exchange some rather unfriendly words and then they are attacked by demons. The wolves basically use the distraction to leave the planet with the wulfen leaving the dark angels behind them on the planets surface fighting the demons.

This is basically the first scene which is rather controversial. Did the wolves betrayed the dark angels when they left them behind ?

I don’t think so. The dark angels could not expect a second force on the planet. So they where responsible to bring everything to that mission which was needed to accomplish it.Secondly the motives of the dark angels where not that heroic in my opinion.They saw a chance to blame the wolves and where angry they lost. And thirdly, they jealously take care that no one have to much insight into stuff what they consider as „Their Business“. They should do the same with topics that the wolves consider as „Their Business“.


The next scene is between Brother Captain Stern and his Grey Knights and Logan Grimnar and his Champions of Fenris. Both sides finally meet each other after intensive combat against demons in a hall and have a chat. Stern accuses the space wolves of harbouring mutants, leaving war zones at great cost of the imperium and finally being cowards. Grimnar warns the brother-caption not to to cross the red line. Stern says that the wulfen are tainted by the chaos and should therefore handed over to the Grey Knights. Grimnar refuses the demand because the wulfen are kin and therefore could not handed over. Stern philosophizes about the possibility to take them by force and about the great number of casualties this would cost. Grimnar laughs at Stern and tells him the wolves would not take that many casualties. Stern then tells the space wolves that their home system have been hit by a invasion. After the wolves checked the information both sides agree to postpone the decision about the wulfen until the immediate thread, the chaos invasion, is solved.

I got the impression while reading that logan believes that the grey knights would take good care of the wulfen, but toher institutions like the inquisition possibly not. The talking about to take the wulfen by force is in my opinion totally unnecessary at this point. Stern should know that he has not the military power to fight against the wolves so there’s really no need to say something like this.


So both sides start their journey to a rally point in a nearby system where they meet some other space wolves great companies. Soon they discover that this much wulfen at one point seems to cause anger and violence among the space wolves crews.This is basically the point when the wolves realize that their brothers could also be a curse to the wolves.

Well, which option do the wolves have at this point ? In my opinion not too many. They could now hand over the wulfen to the grey knights or continue. Its now obviously that the wulfen can cause problems. But is that really enough to hand them over ? Probably not.

So, thats it for today. Until next time and

thanks for reading !

Runepriest on Thunderwolf

Today i can present you a model on which have painted the last two weeks. Because i wanted to try out the rune priest on bike the idea came to me that i could use the ” Wolf count as Bike” possibility. Some of you will recognize the lower part of the model. Its a Thunderwolf model i had painted some month ago. Because if only have three of them they didn´t see that much action. The Toros is magnetized so i can swap them as i like.
Hope you like the model . Comments are welcome as always !

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They are coming ! Bugs !

I have painted this tyranids some month ago to get a short break from my wolves and have visual display for a color scheme which was floating around in my head for a long time. May be i add some stripes to the back plates but currently i think they are fine.
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The Battle of the Rock

Today i have another short battle report for you about a game i play about two weeks ago at the new shop in town. We played a game with 2000  points in total , 1000 points per player. One of the guys also played wolves so we agreed that i would play with him. I never met the guys before so i was a little bit curious about how the game would work out. Our opponents fielded Vanilla Marines and Imperial Guard. Below you can see a picture of the table and our deployment.

So, heute gibt es wieder mal einen recht kurzen Kampfbericht zu teilen. In der Stadt hat ein neuer Laden aufgemacht und den habe ich mal ausprobiert.Gespielt habe ich mit drei mir bis dahin unbekannten Leuten, jeweils 1000 Punkte pro Spieler. Mein Partner hatte auch seine Wölfe dabei und so bildeten wir das eine Team gegen eine Kombination aus Imperiale Armee und Vanilla Space Marines. Und hier ist die Platte, die wir zur Verfügung hatten.


My army consisted of two Typhoons, three 10 men grey hunters with banner and fist, every pack got an wolf guard terminator with power fist , a demolisher and one rune priest. My patner fielded one ten men grey hunter squad in pod, five fenrisian wolves , a speeder with assault cannon , two wolf lords and canid. I’m not quite sure what our opponents fielded in detail, but there were a lot of tactical marines (20) and a generic hq, a some imperial soldiers , some heavy weapons of different types, an artillery officer and a leman russ. Im sure i missed a lot but i don’t have that much experience with guard.

Meine Armee bestand aus zwei Typhoons, 3-10 Mann Graumähnen(Faust, Banner) und Wolfsgardist(Faust) , ein Demolisher und ein Runenpriester. Mein Spielpartner stellte einen 10 Graumähnentrupp in Droppod, 5 Wölfe und Canis sowie einen Speeder mit Sturmkanone, sowie zwei Wolfskommandanten aufs Feld.
Ich bin mir nicht so 100% sicher, was unsere Gegner da im Detail aufs Feld stellten. 2 große Taktische Trupps mit Sergeant, 1 Kommandotrupp mit Kommandanten, ein Artellerieoffizier, ein Leman Russ, viele Laserkanonen und Raketenwerfer und ein paar Imperiale Soldaten



As you will guess that game would not be very funny for my side with that much of terrain. Even worser we got the mission with one one mission goal ( 3 points worth ) and we also lost the initiative. Our enemies had a look at our deployment and put everything in the right corner far away from us. Fortunately we got night fight for the first round. The games itself was very straight forward. The wolves of my partner as he was the closest to our enemies  suffered heavy casualties during the first couple of rounds . The gey hunters in the pod did surprisingly well and hold until round five in close combat. My troops also got some casualties, but regarding the return fire i did not loose as much men as i had suspected before the game. So i reached the enemy lines with quite a lot of men. The game ended after round five with a 3-3. 

Ihr werdet es schon ahnen, das würde kein Spaß werden. Natürlich zogen wir noch die Mission mit einem Missionsziel und verloren die Initiative. Unsere Gegner igelten sich sogleich in ihrer Ecke ein. Zum Glück bekamen wir den Nachtkampf in der ersten Runde, was die Schussmöglichkeiten unserer Gegner doch genug einschränkte um uns mit einem blauen Auge davonkommen zu lassen. Das Spiel an sich ist relativ schnell erzählt. Wir zogen jede Menge Feuer, insbesondere die Liste meines Partners musste ziemliche Federn lassen. Der Pod richtete guten Schaden an und die Überlebenden hielten sogar mehrere Runden im Nahkampf aus. Ich erreichte zwar dezimiert, aber überraschend vollständig die Reihen meiner Gegner. Ende Runde 5 hatten wir nach dem doch recht desaströsen Anfang ein 3-3 erreicht.

Given the disastrous start of the game we were very happy with a three to three. I learned a lot during the game and will hopefully help me to improve the list further. Every of my opponents and my partners where great sportsmen. We laughed a lot and i think we all had fun. So it was a good game for all of us.

Ich denke in Anbetracht des Geländes und der Mission konnten mein Partner und ich damit sehr zufrieden sein. Das Spiel hat mir ein paar lehrreiche Hinweise bezüglich meiner Liste gegeben. Auch meine Mitspieler waren sehr nett und wir haben viel Gelacht. So war es also ein rundherum gelungenes Spiel mit dem alle zufrieden sein konnten.

I will remove the power fist from the wolf guard. With it the wold guard is too expensive for a simple meat shield. The energy fists in the grey hunters did also not inflict very much damage, but i will keep them in the pack for then next few games. Also the vindicator didn’t convince me. Every anti-tank weapon of our enemies only had one target as there were no terrain to hide him for the first rounds.

Den Wolfsgardisten werde ich für die nächsten Spiele keine Energiefaust mehr geben. Die macht sie einfach zu teuer für das wofür sie gedacht sind. Auch die Energiefäuste in den Trupps waren jetzt nicht unbedingt spielentscheidend, jedoch widerstrebt es mir ohne zumindest etwas in der Richtung aus dem Haus zu gehen. Auch der Vindicator hat mich jetzt nicht wirklich überzeugt. Da er das einzige Fahrzeug in Reichweite war zog er natürlich jede Laserkanone oder jeden Raketenwerfer magisch an da es leider keine Möglichkeit gab ihn zu verstecken.