Finished Kairos Fateweaver 

When I decided to extend the planned thousand sons army with some demons I was absolutely sure that I wanted to paint this model. Not that the old model looks bad but his one just soooo much better. Another really great model games workshop released.

When I started painting the wings and the skin everything went pretty fast. But from that point, everything went pretty slow. The model has so many small details on it which really slowed down the painting. In the end, it took me almost two months to finish the model.

Thanks for reading and you I hope you enjoy the pictures! For WIP updates follow me on twitter or for finished models go to my instagram account!

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Finished five screamers of tzeentch 

Today i want to share some screamers of tzeentch i finished about two weeks ago.

They’re old metal models i bought ages ago for my wife in hope she might enjoy painting to.  Well lets say the plan didn’t work. I almost forgot that i have them and i found them more of less by accident in some dark corner.  Because i wanted to field some tzeentch demons as allies for my thousand sons i decided to paint them.

To my surprise the old models don’t have the eyes of the new models so i tried to add some with green stuff. Lets say there´s room for improvement but i think it doesn’t look that bad .


Thanks for reading and you i hope you enjoy the pictures ! For wip updates follow me on twitter or for finished models go to my instagram account!