The house of flying brushes

I constantly try to improve and making the most out of my workplace. I own a lot of brushes so i needed to find a possibility to store them properly. Having a shelf with hooks got me to the idea that i could probable store more in these unused space underneath it. So i cut some styrodur and pressed it in between the front and the back of the shelf. I attached some toothpicks to the end of the brush and pushed them into the styrodur. You can see how it looked in the picture below.

And it worked for a while ! The major drawback of the idea was basically the toothpick. It often broke if you where not carefully when sticking the brush into the styrodur. A while later i posted the picture of my workspace on twitter and someone mentioned it would be cool to store them with magnets.

Im not sure if the person was sincere with his suggestions but the seed was planted. When i built my cerastus knight acheron i ran out of magnets so i needed to buy some more. I found the magnetic sheeting more by accident but i started to wonder if this couldn’t´t be the possibility to solve the drawbacks of my current solution. So i bought the following stuff.

  • magnetic sheeting, A4, self-adhesive, one mm strong with a  pull of 75 g per square centimeter.
  • A lot of small magnets, N52 , size 3x2mm

i cut the magnetic sheeting into the size i wanted and attached it to the front of my shelf. Then i rasped the end of the brushed until i got a surface roughly the size of the magnets. I then glued a small amount of green stuff  to the end and then pushed the magnets into it. With the left over green stuff i wrapped the magnets. I waited a small amount of time and then attached everything to the magnetic sheeting. I did this because the rasped surface wasn’t complete in the right angle and with the green stuff the gravity would ensure everything was right.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures ! For wip updates follow me on twitter or for finished models go to my instagram account!

Review: Triple Tube Pro Task Lamp

My former setup consisted of two FORSÅ lamps with daylight bulbs. I positioned them before and behind me on the right and left side. It was a good solution so far, but theres always room for improvement, right ? What was probably bothering me most was that i had good lightning from every direction except from above. So i decided to change that situation. As the headline foreshadows i decided after some research in favor for a  “Triple Tube Pro Task Lamp” from Lightcraft.

First impressions

My impression as I opened the packet was good. Everything was securely stored and packaged. Which in my case was more than necessary because my parcel service wasn’t that careful with the package. Actually the styrofoam was broken in multiple occasions. 



Technical specifications 

  • Fluorescent tube 3 x 14 W.
  • Kelvin 6400 k.
  • lamp head length 61 cm.
  • lamp head depth  11 cm.
  •  lamp head height 6 cm.
  • Overall weight about  3,45 kg (including package ).


Everything looks well done and well processed. I discovered no sharp edges so far. The lamp itself has three joints and two arm elements. Everything moves smoothly and well. The power cable is mounted alongside the arms and is in no danger of getting clamped in the joints.

You can move the lamp head for about 80 cm horizontally from the lamp mounting. You can move the lamp head in almost any desirable direction. Even more the 90 degrees from the vertical is possible. The lamp heads keeps in the place where you put it. No unwanted movement of the lamp head. ( at least after a week of use ) . The power button is mounted on the lamp head and is easy reachable.



It’s really great ! I love it !! Ok, hmm. Lets try to be a little bit more objective ! I think the main difference to my former setup is that the overall lightning is now much better than before. Down below you can imagine the difference. The left picture is as you can guess the state before. The right after i installed the lamp. When i made the picture it was not fully dark outside. If its dark the difference is much more noticeable than before.  The advantage when the light head is actually mounted above you is that there is nothing in between the model and the lamp.

IMG_0393 IMG_0392


i haven’t had issues with the lamp heat so far. Even after hours of use the lamp body is only warm. Even below the lamp the heat is barely noticeable. Because of the grid it’s also not possible to burn oneself. 


On the first look this category seems a little bit strange, but the lamp actually emits a little bit of noise. Because we have an aquarium and its lighten by a 400 W HQI lamp that’s not a real problem for me, because the HQI actually emits a louder noise to which you need some time to get used to it. But despite the HQI if there is a TV or PC nearby you will not hear the hum at all .

Additional resources

If you’re looking for a another good review I suggest reading the one at feedyournerd. He also made a lot more pictures than me especially from the mechanical parts of the lamp. I highly recommend reading his review too !

A list of reviews of various other lamps can also be found on feedyournerd

Hope you enjoyed reading the review and it was helpful for your decision process.