Finished three Thousand Sons exalted sorcerers finished 

It may sound strange for a player which owns a lot of space wolves but since i play i wanted to have a thousand sons army. I actually don’t know why i never bought one. Probably there where other stuff which was more important at that time i don’t know.
As Games workshop released the thousand sons again i instantly felt in love with some of the models. So i decided to finish the stuff i bought from forgeworld during our summer holidays and then decide if i still want to paint some of them . So i finished everything , still thought they look cool and then bought these three thousand sons sorcerers. Lovely miniatures if you ask me !

When it comes to painting i have the worse habit that i normally can’t paint stuff the way everything else does.  I also wasn’t so amazed by the paint scheme gw chose because i think the gold is too dominant and overused. So when i painted the Cerastus Knight Acheron i used the chance to try out a idea i had how to paint mine. And it really helped. But still the first sorcerer i painted was really hard to paint for me. I probably painted the crown of the head three times trying out different combinations of colors. It was surprisingly hard to me to figure out what color i wanted to paint each piece.  Some people use color theories to figure out their colors, and i use it from time to time to, but for me its more about the feeling i have when choosing colors. Some choices just feel right for me.  So i needed a long time to get the first sorcerer painted. Some times i was really frustrated because i couldn’t figure out how i wanted him to look. In the end it was IMO definitely worth the effort.  Im also a little bit proud about it because i think i was able to push my limit of what im able to paint a little bit higher than before.  I love my space wolves and they’re not painted bad but the sons just look better.

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