Hobby desk update Kw 09

Today i want to share some pictures of my hobby progress this week. I probably will do this on a regular basis but we will see what the future brings.

My twitter followers know that its again tyranid time. This time its another trygon model. I simply love the kit. It was the first model i painted for my tyranid army. The goal is to be able to field the Subterranean swarm formation. I know its not the most effective tyranid formation but I really like all of the models it contains very much.

So what did we achieve this week ? I was able to finish the first layer of the carapace last week so it was time to get some progress on the second layer. I should be able to finish this layer on Monday so i can apply the wash and the last layer next week.

Thanks for reading and you I hope you enjoyed the pictures ! For wip updates follow me on twitter or for finished models go to my instagram account!

2 comments on “Hobby desk update Kw 09

  1. Turkadactyl says:

    This kit is fantastic. One of the better ones in the Tyranid range.

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