Mawloc finished 

Today i want to share some pictures of my recently finished mawloc. Hope you enjoy them . For wip updates follow me on twitter or for more finished models go to my instagram account!









7 comments on “Mawloc finished 

  1. Thor says:

    That’s awesome. The Mawloc is great, but that basing really makes the model. Great work!

  2. Turkadactyl says:

    Great base. A Tau tossed into the air will be the cherry on top.

  3. Joe B. says:

    that looks fantastic! Your color scheme is very striking and the rock explosion is awesome

  4. Wolfsherz says:

    Thank you ! Glad you like the scheme and the base ! I’ll probably add some tau to the base as turkadactyl suggested.

  5. […] recommend checking out Wolsherz’s Mawloc.  There’s a lot of work that has gone into that model to make it more dynamic than what I […]

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