Runepriest on Thunderwolf

Today i can present you a model on which have painted the last two weeks. Because i wanted to try out the rune priest on bike the idea came to me that i could use the ” Wolf count as Bike” possibility. Some of you will recognize the lower part of the model. Its a Thunderwolf model i had painted some month ago. Because if only have three of them they didn´t see that much action. The Toros is magnetized so i can swap them as i like.
Hope you like the model . Comments are welcome as always !

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Stormeagle finished

So, its time to get an update on the process of my storm eagle gunship. Its about 3 month since i got the storm eagle from Forgeworld. A long time ago, in a galaxy far away…rhm…wrong movie ….

So, es wird mal wieder Zeit euch auf den neusten Stand der Dinge  im Falle Storm Eagle zu bringen. Nun ist es ja fast drei Monate her, seit ich den Bausatz von Forgeworld bekommen habe.

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