Grey Hunters – Special Weapons WIP#1

So , today i have only a small hobby update of my current projects. Currently I’m working on some special weapons (plasma) for my grey hunters. In the past most of my squads used melters as special weapons but with the current edition there seems to be that plasma weapons are the way to go. I want to give it a try so we will see.

So, heute gibt’s ein kleines Update über mein aktuelles Projekt. Aktuell bin ich damit beschäftigt ein paar Plasmawerfer für meine Graumähnen anzumalen. In der Vergangenheit habe ich ja mehrheitlich melter eingesetzt, aber mit der aktuellen Edition scheint sich der Wind gedreht zu haben. Plasma ist nun der Stand der Dinge. Wir werden sehen, ob dem so ist. Ausprobieren möchte ich es jedenfalls.

4 comments on “Grey Hunters – Special Weapons WIP#1

  1. BASICDave says:

    The plasma guns look sweet! Great timing too as I am about to start painting mine – good to get some inspiration!

    What blue did you use to pick out the details on them with?

    • Wolfsherz says:

      Hi Dave,
      thanks for your comment ! I can make a short tutorial today evening how i made it. Or describe it to you in short words . Whats better in your opionion 🙂


    • Wolfsherz says:

      Hallo Dave

      As base color i have used “Hawk Turqquoise”.
      Then a wash with “Asurmen Blue”.
      The last step is dry brushing it with a 50/50 mix of “Hawk Turqquoise” and “Ceramite White”.

      Hope it helps

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