Introducing my hive tyrant

Today i want to share some pictures of my  hive tyrant. I finished the model more than a year ago but haven’t uploaded any good pictures to the blog so far.

Hope you enjoy the pictures ! For wip updates follow me on twitter or for finished models go to my instagram account!




7 comments on “Introducing my hive tyrant

  1. Thor says:

    Awesome work. The wing membrane (skin), is very smooth and just looks great. The basing is great, as always, and the entire thing is very well done.

    Is it tipsy (top-heavy), being up so high on the small plastic peg?

  2. greggles says:

    Such a beautiful job. Always so freaking awesome to see you working away on twitter!

    • Wolfsherz says:

      thanks you ! It always means a lot that some people seem to like my constant spam with pictures until one month later they get to see the finished picture. Amazing how much patience the people seem to have 😀

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