The Curse of the wulfen – very early first impressions

I now own the „ Curse of the wulfen“ for about three hours. Not enough time to actually review the book, but to write down some very early thoughts about what i have read and seen so far.

If you consider buying the book this is your first and last warning. The following sentences will include spoilers. So consider yourself warned.

Ok, obviously you’re still reading.

The first difference i noticed is the change of art style as i browsed through the book. The overall style is much cleaner and the colour is more vibrant as in the old one. It looks more cartoonic and less dark. I like the old style, but i’m ok with the new one.

The story as i have read it so far is entertaining and thrilling. You get introduced to the ancient old conflict between the thousand sons and the space wolves , the 13th company and the second conflict zone with chaos and imperials .

The book tells you how Harald Deathwolf makes first contact with the wulfen and how they get integrated within the ranks of the space wolves .

Some reviews i read actually complained about that the space wolves not beeing not skeptical enough about the wulfen and that they welcomed them to quick despite the consequences this action might have.

And i actually disagree with this statement. Harald Deathwulf actually utters more than one time his doubts about the true nature of the wulfen. At the gathering of the wolf lords the opinions about them range from „Russ is coming“ over „lets welcome them until the show hostile“ to „lets use them as potent mass destruction weapon“. So the leaders of the wolves are in my opinion more than aware about the possible danger the wulfen could be.

The only critique i have with this scene is actually why everyone wants to talk to Björn. Ok he’s a ancient old cybot but its not that clear so far why he actually could add anything new to the amount of information . Maybe it will get clearer when i progress through the book. The other strange statement is Urik saying that the arrive of the wulfen states that russ is coming. As the other lords demand proves he cannot prove it. I can understand that this is just a statement of hope , but its a little bit…naive for a person like Ulrik. In the end Logan says that they will welcome the wulfen and consider them as the lost brothers. For now.

In the subsequent chapters the wolves spread around the surrounding space system to gather the wulfen. They concentrate on the warp storms which cause havoc throughout them. Theres also a short passage which describes how the Dark Angels got first information about the wulfen.

So far, so good. I like it. Despite in my opinion minor flaws its a entertaining book so far. Stay tuned until i can tell more about it. Also be aware that my opinions about what i read so far can change when i  progress through the book. All subject to change 🙂


5 comments on “The Curse of the wulfen – very early first impressions

  1. greggles says:

    Everyone wants to talk to Bjorn! He’s been around since the emperor! 🙂

  2. Turkadactyl says:

    I’ve played two games against the Wulfen. They are fragile to shooting. If they get into combat, well, kiss your unit goodbye. They hit hard.

    • Wolfsherz says:

      I have just overflown the rules but on the first look the wulfen are too hit and miss for my liking. The problem with the wulfen is in my opinion, that you need a secure delivery option. The 6+ feel no pain is to less to get over the field.
      Yes you can run and charge but hat means you can calculate with about 18inch movement. 6 inch movement, 4 inch run and 8 inch on the charge. On a 4-5 on the wulfen table you can get 3 inch to any movement , so thats basically 27 inch movement.
      Which can mean you get a first turn charge on your incautious opponent. But there are a lot of if´s involved in this calculation. Just one bad dice roll basically means that your 800 points for 20 wulfen will stand right in front of your opponents shooting gallery.
      Yes they are devastating, but do we really want to count on luck ? Im not sure. A redeemer, a flyer or in combination with a drop pod assault with a five men squad are options. But im for sure not the greatest player out there so im prettysure some people will come up with some really nasty combinations 🙂

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