Reblogged from The Shell Case : Caestus Assault Ram – A Review

Auch wenn ich es nie benutzen werde, irgendwie würde es mich doch reizen …..


No, sadly the resin Gods have not been that generous. Instead I am handing over the reigns of this post and the review of this beast ofa model to Neil Challis (@NeilChallis), writer of the Tykens Rift blog, staunch member of the Shell Case Alliance and tip top #warmonger.

So whilst wandering around Games Day UK this year I reached the decision that I wanted one of the pre-release Fellblade super heavy tanks from Forge World, but by the time I’d queued, they were already sold out. And not wishing to leave empty-handed, I decided to buy a Space Marine Caestus Assault Ram instead.

I’ve built some Forge World models before, such as Mk5 Space Marines and more recently a Storm Eagle but this is the first kit made entirely of resin that I have attempted. I have had some frustrating experiences with the Finecast range from Games Workshop and…

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